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Our “come as you are” choir embodies the idea that singing is our birthright. Here, even the shyest of voices can re-discover the joy of singing. The Gettin’ Higher Choir is co-directed by Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson.

GHC Fall 2021 Season

Big News!

Given the rising number of COVID cases in our area, we have come to the decision that, for this season, we are combining GHC and Wavelengths Community Choir (WCC) into one choir, affectionately known as the Higher Waves Choir, co-directed by Cathy, Dick and Denis Donnelly.

This combined choir will start the season, and continue for as long as is necessary. Note that for the duration of this situation, all rehearsals will be online, on Zoom. These will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Singers will be able to attend any session, as the same material will be taught on all nights in a given week.

Plans for a late-January concert (or two), either online, in person, or both, are in the works.

Wednesday Evening Sing-In Events!

These days, the choir has their practices with the use of Zoom online meeting technology, and GHC directors Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson now also have Online Sing-In events open to all!

Click here to Register for Cathy & Dick's weekly Wednesday Evening Sing-In, 7:00–8:30pm Pacific Time. You will receive an email with instructions on connecting to the event, and an update with an updated link and password in the hours before each Sing-In. See more details on the GHC info page.

High Noon Choir Continues on Zoom, Tuesdays!

During this time of required physical distancing due to COVID-19, High Noon Choir has moved to the Zoom platform, with sessions led by Dick Jackson and Siobhan Robinsong. All are welcome! Click here to Register for the weekly Tuesday High Noon Choir sessions, 12:00–1:15pm Pacific Time! You will receive an email with instructions on connecting to the event, and an update with an updated link and password each Tuesday morning. See more details on the High Noon Choir info page.

For our drop-in Wednesday Evening Sing-Ins and High Noon Choir, you need to register, but there is not a set fee—we want you singing with us! And if you feel that you can offer to contribute, the way you would for a movie or a yoga class, your gift will be gratefully received.
(Note: we are not a registered charity):

or by Interac™ e-Transfer (no security question needed) to:
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Check Out Our YouTube Channel with Concert Videos

Thank you to those who watched our "Voices Rising" concert featuring Bruce Cockburn and donated over $22,000 to date! (including donations coming from Interac, etc.)

Click here for our YouTube channel
The GHC choir song videos and Bruce Cockburn's solo set (of higher quality than they appeared on Zoom) are in a playlist. Tip: for best results, click the Settings "gear" icon, click Quality, then 1080p(HD).
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Click here for the concert program

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Recent items in the media…

… about our online singing seasons and the plans leading up to the "Voices Rising" concert:

GHC News!

Recent Concert Videos

Videos from recent concerts are now all up on YouTube:

Wavelengths Choir News!

The former Monday GHC group has evolved into a new choir under Denis’ leadership. See the Wavelengths Community Choir website for details.

“You will smile when you hear the Gettin’ Higher Choir—it’s impossible not to. Each piece they perform is a celebration of the powerful humanity – and sheer enjoyment! – of singing. Choir directors Dick Jackson and Cathy Baker have struck a perfect balance. The repertoire is always interesting, varied, and challenging, AND everyone is welcome as they are, singing in a safe space where their vocal gifts and personhood are valued. The week I spent rehearsing and performing with GHC was one of the most wonderful, unforgettable experiences of my musical life. ”

— Pat Wictor, U.S. singer-songwriter, GHC Guest Artist

“The Gettin’ Higher Choir is an amazing, energetic phenomenon. Hundreds of people who love to sing and who seek community, are drawn toward the choir like bees toward nectar. The joy and enthusiasm that is generated when they sing is absolutely magnificent. [Former Co-Directors] Siobhan and Denis, both consummate facilitators, have created a marvelous template for community choir. In this world where harmony is of the utmost importance, what better way to foster the best qualities of the human spirit than to lift our voices together in beauty, passion and grace. The Gettin’ Higher Choir does all of this and more.”

— Ann Mortifee, Canadian singer-songwriter, GHC Guest Artist

A Testimonial from a First-Time GHC Singer

Hi Cathy and Dick,

I really enjoyed my first experience with the choir and I owe it to both of you.

Your passion and enthusiasm for the choir is amazing. My experience from your friendly welcome at my first night orientation session to the finale at the concert was wonderful.

Whenever doubts were starting to settle in and cause me to question if I actually belonged in the choir your enthusiasm and humour erased those doubts and I persevered. Originally, I had not planned to sing in the concert. Thought I might be in the audience the first time. Again, because of your commitment and passion I decided I should see the whole process to the end and sing in the concert. After the sectionals and the extra practices I could remember all the songs and I knew that I could be part of the concert. I’m so glad that I did see it through to the end. I enjoyed every moment yesterday. It was a memorable day.

I’m so looking forward to the next choir session.


Thank you so much.

— [Name withheld by request]
January 26, 2020