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the Gettin' Higher Choir

photo by Andrew Kielbowicz


Our “come as you are” choir embodies the idea that singing is our birthright. Here, even the shyest of voices can re-discover the joy of singing. The Gettin’ Higher Choir, with over 150 members across our three weekly sessions, is co-directed by Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson. As of September 2018, Denis Donnelly and founding director Siobhan Robinsong have retired from the GHC to continue other groups that they lead, and Cathy and Dick are carrying on in their tradition.

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Save the date: January 25, 2020

Gettin’ Higher Choir
Upcoming Benefit Concert for The Power of Hope
with Special Guest Artist Barbara McAfee
and featuring Oliver Swain.

Saturday, January 25, 2020, 7:30 pm
Alix Goolden Performance Hall

Further info and Tickets coming soon.

GHC News!

February and June 2019 Concert Videos

Concert videos from our February concert with Pat Wictor and our June concert with Samara Jade are now all up on YouTube:

GHC Spring 2020 Season

 Our Spring Season begins on Tuesday, Feb. 18:
    Tuesdays 7:00–9:00pm and
    Thursdays 7:30–9:30pm
in James Bay at the
        Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, and
    Wednesdays 7:30–9:30pm in Langford at
        Alexander Mackie Lodge, 753 Station Avenue
Full details are on the GHC info page.

High Noon Choir News!

Siobhan is continuing High Noon Choir sessions on Tuesdays at 12:00 noon, through December 3rd. The Winter 2020 Season will begin January 7th, when there will be an orientation at 11:30am on that first day. See the High Noon Choir page for details.

Wavelengths Choir News!

The former Monday GHC group has evolved into a new choir under Denis’ leadership, with the next session beginning Sept. 16. See the Wavelengths Community Choir website for details.

“You will smile when you hear the Gettin’ Higher Choir—it’s impossible not to. Each piece they perform is a celebration of the powerful humanity – and sheer enjoyment! – of singing. Choir directors Dick Jackson and Cathy Baker have struck a perfect balance. The repertoire is always interesting, varied, and challenging, AND everyone is welcome as they are, singing in a safe space where their vocal gifts and personhood are valued. The week I spent rehearsing and performing with GHC was one of the most wonderful, unforgettable experiences of my musical life. ”

— Pat Wictor, U.S. singer-songwriter, GHC Guest Artist

“The Gettin’ Higher Choir is an amazing, energetic phenomenon. Hundreds of people who love to sing and who seek community, are drawn toward the choir like bees toward nectar. The joy and enthusiasm that is generated when they sing is absolutely magnificent. [Former Co-Directors] Siobhan and Denis, both consummate facilitators, have created a marvelous template for community choir. In this world where harmony is of the utmost importance, what better way to foster the best qualities of the human spirit than to lift our voices together in beauty, passion and grace. The Gettin’ Higher Choir does all of this and more.”

— Ann Mortifee, Canadian singer-songwriter, GHC Guest Artist